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Update 28.04.2020

We are proud to announce that our Business Advisory Service has expanded. In recognition of the fact that many SME businesses would be struggling to re-establish in the aftermath of Covid19 trading restrictions, a group of retired businessmen from Rotary decided to offer their services.
Lynette had planned to make overtures to Rotary in order to expand her existing service to include areas that were not in her skill set, so the natural outcome was to combine the two groups.
If you wish to speak to a business advisor or take advantage of this mentoring service, simply call our office and make an appointment.

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Thank you for getting in touch. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Lynette Davies - Business Mentor

Kiwis have a reputation for being intrepid. We will give anything a go, fall flat on our faces, get up, shake ourselves off and try again. We are a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. Currently the overall number of small businesses has reached 487,602, representing 97 percent of all businesses in New Zealand. Together, small businesses employ 30 percent of NZ’s working population and produce around 27 percent of our Gross Domestic Product.

That said, going it alone is not easy and statistics show that 1 in 5 small businesses fail within the first year. As a broader example, according to the US Small Business Administration, over 50% fail in the first year, and 95% fail within the first five years. Clearly, they need all the help they can get and in setting up this Small Business Advisory Service we are doing our bit to support independent operators in our community.

Since advertising our service, we have been approached by several people who are a prime example of the many owner-operated small businesses which flourish in any local community. Some are already established and this format has offered them another perspective on their business and a sounding board - often reassuring them that they are actually ‘OK’ and just need to keep on doing what they are doing and time will do the rest. Building a successful business does not happen overnight – it takes tenacity and commitment – mentoring or simply encouragement and support can make a real difference

As for the start-ups, they are usually undercapitalised and do little or no marketing - surviving largely by word of mouth. Independence is a hallmark of these operators and as such they often lose out by not promoting themselves. This format gives us the opportunity to celebrate their ingenuity and help to spread the word.     

Client Profiles

Karin Verryt - GirlZone

I met Karin while she was ‘on the job’ and have been able to personally observe her work ethics as well as her patience and sense of humour. Her greatest strength is that nothing is a problem and she seems able to turn her hand to anything – an extremely capable woman!

Karin already has a successful small business which operates totally by word of mouth and relies on constant repeat business from satisfied customers. But we agreed that there are always periods of downtime and it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of promoting. So, here we go with a small advert:

Far be it for me to suggest that a woman is more detailed BUT ...

we do care about the small stuff.

So when you need Property Painting Services it’s refreshing to deal with a female ‘perfectionist’ who does reliable, professional work. 

Call Karin at GirlZone on 021 1037404

Tessa Mackenzie - Natural Assets

There could be no-one more competent than Tessa when it comes to delivering life-changing holistic-based workshops and individual professional development coaching. She is now shifting her focus to take the same principles into the Corporate World. Demonstrably successful as a facilitator of change in the Social Sector, her challenge is to convert these skills into appropriate language and deliver workshops that will appeal to a completely different culture. 

People drive business and research proves that happy people are more productive. Successful organisations worldwide are recognising the need to change their culture but don’t know how to deal with the problem as they are uncomfortable with what they perceive as ‘touchy feely’ issues.

Regardless of your audience, in order to bring about attitudinal change, you need to speak their language and understand their philosophy. Tessa already understood this principle and we have been enjoying working together to develop suitable new material.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about her work and how you can benefit from her expertise and apply it to your own challenges, you can contact Tessa on 027 232 9940

Phillipa Clarke - Pip4Health

After studying a variety of modalities, Phillipa has settled on a method which is a combination of Crystals and Scenar Technology (non-evasive electro-therapy which works with the bodies meridian/neural responses to enable it to heal itself). Basically, Phillipa asks your body what is going on and what it needs to repair itself and the Crystals direct where the healing is needed. 

Phillipa is someone I greatly admire - a solo mum bringing up 3 remarkable children while working part-time and studying for her Naturopathy Certification. Because she has no formal qualifications, she has been reluctant to promote herself. I reminded her that while the ‘piece of paper’ is important she already has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in health and well-being gained from administering family and friends. It is high time she was financially rewarded for her amazing insight and awesome healing ability. So, we’ve designed a flyer:

Are you suffering from vague aches and pains that nothing seems to relieve?

Do you have an injury that refuses to heal?

Or .. do you feel wrung out, depleted and at the end of your tether?

I work with a combination of non-invasive healing crystals

and a revolutionary hand-held machine that triggers your bodies meridian responses and enables it to heal itself.

Initial TRIAL visit $20 Standard fee $30

All in the comfort of your own home (within reasonable distance).

Contact Phillipa at Pip4Health on 0274711044

Andrea Benfell - JawsPawsnClaws

Anyone who has a dog will tell you they are the best source of meeting like-minded people and making friends. I was walking my small dog on the beach when he spotted another one his size and shot off to make its acquaintance. It so happened that the dog was being walked by Andrea who was house-sitting for the week to mind the owner’s pets. After chatting for a while, we ended up at a coffee shop and the conversation naturally veered into discussing her pet-minding business.

Andrea’s challenge was that she is new to the area and had not been able to establish the type of contacts she needed to be fully employed. Since moving here myself I have been amazed at the number of people with small dogs and in particular residents of Retirement Villages. Promoting her services seemed simple to me – she just needed a flyer to put up in suitable places. So here we go: 

Are you reluctant to put your precious pooch into a Pet Kennel?

Does your furball suffer from separation anxiety?

Would you feel more relaxed if you knew they were happy in their own environment, following their usual routine?

If you’ve said ‘YES’ to these questions, then the only thing you need is reassurance that the person you’ve chosen to Pet-Sit is honest and reliable.

Meet with Andrea, discuss rates, check out her references and set your mind completely at rest. Ph: 0221369650

Heyenjin Chung

The major challenge for anyone brave enough to start up a business in a foreign country is to understand the cultural and language differences. Hey and Jinsoo Jeong (with limited English and scant knowledge of our country) moved to NZ just over 4 years ago and opened Beach Sushi in September 2018. They brought with them a commitment to family and community; a work ethic second to none; a passion for food and a genuine desire to share their culinary pleasures with us.

Sushi is a personal favourite, so I have been delighted to find such a wide selection of beautifully presented pieces. Jinsoo Jeong was a highly respected Chef in his hometown and his traditional Korean dishes are a wonderful fusion of unique spicy flavours - I’m already hooked. 

Whilst food is not my area of expertise it was abundantly clear that I could make an immediate impact on their business by getting them to adjust their hours. Sushi is not habitually the breakfast of choice for Kiwi’s, so it makes more sense to open later and extend into the evening – which they have done. These two make a great team – they are both very personable and their little restaurant is attractive and serviceable – eat in or out or take-away and there is a delightful children’s play area. Their most recent addition is a Karaoke machine available for private bookings. 

Beach Sushi

1/57 Wilson Road, Waihi Beach.

Ph: 07 863 1385

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 3pm  

Kate Norton-Taylor

Holistic healing is a topic that has fascinated Kate long before it acquired the commercial term. And she has been working in this field for all her adult life – testing new concepts and exploring different mind and body therapies and techniques. However, whilst she found that each new modality she discovered was yet another valuable tool to add to her impressive arsenal, no one process seemed to adequately address the deep-seated issues she was regularly presented with in clinical situations. Wisely Kate finally reached the conclusion that there was no isolated method that held the answer but a combination of many - applied differently!

Thus, Inner Alchemy emerged and a lifetime of study, hands-on experience, counselling and teaching, has been formulated into an application that can be taught and applied by other practitioners. This deceptively simple technique brings about inner transformation by clearing the energetic imprints of sabotaging emotions and issues. 

Kate’s very hands-on workshops are designed to appeal to those already comfortable with their chosen modality but ready to embrace a new concept that is compatible with what they are currently offering. For this category her detailed training manuals are the most valuable aspect of her workshops but, since they need to be demonstrated, none-practitioners are most welcome.

For more details and scheduled workshop dates, phone Kate on 0212925592

Sandra Tilgner - Kids Vids

It’s very rewarding to be able to assist someone who is turning a long-held dream into reality. Sandra had the vision, the know-how and the expertise, required to put her ideas into practice but had put it all on hold because of financial restrictions. The business proposition was one that lent itself to having a partnership with someone who would manage the administration side of it and allow Sandra the freedom to do what she does best.

Some years ago, coincidently, I had been helping to develop a franchise business that had similar applications but for a different audience (Sandra’s is aimed at children and my client was targeting adults). Circumstances had put my scheme on hold, but it was about to be relaunched. Knowing both parties, I knew they would be a perfect match and it was simply a matter of putting the two together.

And the idea?? Sandra has developed an amazing process that makes your child a movie star in a 5-minute animated video. You get to choose from a selection of backgrounds such as a Christmas theme, Easter, Birthdays – in fact it is very easy to tailor specific milestones by request. These will become a treasured heirloom; and I can think of no more valuable gift for grandparents. Best of all is the cost: these little gems are on a memory stick and priced at just: $65.

To make a booking, call Sandra on 021 2386006

Chris Clarke - Cloud Appointments

A good percentage of us may be acquainted with web applications without being aware of it. It is quite possible that the last time you had an appointment confirmed with your health provider, a book return reminder from the library, or a warranty notification, the ‘no-reply’ text was instigated by this service.

Cloud Appointments is an innovative, easy to use, web-based clinic management system that handles all day to day ‘stuff’ involving clients and all aspects of your business leaving you free to get on with what you do best. Not only does it remove the hassles, but it also gives you mobility because it can be accessed from wherever there is an internet connection and a web-browser.

This amazing system provides bookings and automatic appointment reminders, patient notes templates, stores clinical documents, does your invoicing, tasks and reminders, and much more. And if that isn’t enough, you can discuss your requirements with Chris and have your program tailored to meet your needs.

And, best of all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how economical the service is and doubly impressed when you realise that you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware and software – it’s all part of the package. And there’s more: setup is free and the first month is on them. or Phone Chris on: 09 3767132

Jinesh Solanki - Candle and Craft

Jinesh was an accomplished and recognised jewellery designer in India. When the decision was made to move to NZ (and ultimately Katikati) he recognised that options would be limited, and he searched for another way to utilise his artistic creativity. The answer was theme related candles. He has focused his range on NZ symbols that represent our culture and are themed to match colour with perfume and visual association. Colours are based on gem stones: Amber (Rotorua Mist) / Jade (Mount Ruapehu) / Turquoise (Lake Wanaka) / Ruby (Pohutukawa).

Initially he will sell his product through tourist outlets and hopefully hotel chains. Meanwhile, these lovely little candles (10x6x3cms) which have a 3-4 hours burning time, are available for individual purchase ($15 each). 

They are also ideally suited to any business looking for a give-away or Christmas gift line and can be customised by request (for large orders).

Contact: Jinesh Solanki on Ph: 0223510161 or Email:  

Sue Towler - Author

Being a writer in today's competitive market has little to do with talent and everything to do with marketing. Unless you are already an established author or some type of celebrity, the odds of a publisher paying for your manuscript are extremely low. Hence the rise of Self-Publishing (or the derogatory term: Vanity Press).

The bottom line is that you must believe in yourself enough to take the risk and pay your own way. And, that is still not enough – there are plenty of garages stacked with boxes of undistributed books waiting to find a suitable outlet and reach potential readers. As a writer myself, I really admire their courage (especially as my manuscripts languish in a drawer) and think they deserve our encouragement. 

I met Sue at the launch of her latest book: Isolation (promoted through the Katikati Library). To be honest her genre (NZ historical novels) is not my usual preference but I purchased a copy to support her. Giving my one chapter critical read or flick rating, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was immediately drawn into the storyline and polished writing style. Her characters are engaging and real; the harsh living conditions and challenges of our early pioneers are vividly depicted; and the attention to detail demonstrates a remarkable depth of research.

In her ‘other’ life, Sue is a tour guide - taking people to little known outlying areas that are steeped in history. And, as if that isn’t enough, this accomplished woman also has an amazing voice – it is pitch perfect and beautiful. Her CD (Susy) is a compilation of easy listening traditional jazz. 

To find out more about her books visit:

To enquire about her tours, contact Sue direct on: 021 447879 or

Michael Proctor - Your Go to Handy Man

Michael has experienced two very diverse but complementary career paths. He initially apprenticed as a builder – a skill that increases over time and develops ingrained knowledge and experience. But he found simply creating the building seemed incomplete and he always wanted to go that extra mile! His natural creative abilities regularly found him doing far more than the original specifications in order to create beautiful spaces.

He has the vision and creativity to turn what has previously been untended areas into interesting and functional indoor/outdoor features. Combining paving, planting and structural innovation, he creates wonderful spaces that transform and add value to your property. If you have an idea or concept you would like to develop or simply an area that needs a facelift or to be turned into something useful, talk it over with Michael and see what he suggests.

Between major contracts, Michael keeps his hand in doing anything from small household repairs to hedge clipping and gardening. He is your regular go-to man when you need a multi-skilled person to fix whatever needs fixing around your home.

Contact Michael on 0224021455


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