Mpowa - Youth

Mpowa is all about the youth of Katikati.

Mpowa develops and supports programmes, activities and groups that help to address the needs of youth in Katikati. We’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate and love to support youth-led initiatives. Reach out to us for more info.

Mpowa youth activities

Youth Den Mondays 3pm - 5pm - Held in the new building in front of the Katikati Libray.   A safe and welcoming space for youth 14-24years to hang out.                    Movies, wifi, table tennis, workshops, employment and homework support, food, activities and more. Check out the monthly extra activities below

Free Learner License ready 4 day course - Monday 30th September - Thursday 3rd October  9am -1pm   at the Katikati Community Centre 45 Beach Road  (Limited numbers)   text 021 1052381 or email 

Bluelight Youth Driver Navigation programme is free for all Katikati youth and is designed to help support young people to ultimately get their full drivers licence. 

Youth Support is a free and confidential service run by our Social Worker, Suzanne. If you need extra help and support with your home life, school life or personal life, Suzanne is there to listen and help you.


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