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Katikati Community Centre Special General Meeting (SGM)

6pm Monday August 30th 2021 at the Katikati Community Centre.

Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting of the Society called by the Executive Board of the Society under Rule 11.4 of the Constitution of the Society.

(Please note only registered members, as of 31st August 2020, are eligible to vote.)

 The Matters to be discussed and voted on at the SGM shall be:-

That the Executive Board’s recommendation to establish an Incorporated Charitable Trust under the Charitable Trusts Act, with the same community objectives and vision as the Society, and to register that Trust under the Charities Act for the purpose of taking over the operations and assets of the Society, to transfer the assets from the Society to the Trust, and to wind up the Society be confirmed. 

That the date for the final winding up of the Society be set at a later date by the Trustees of the new Charitable Trust, to enable the timely registration of the Charitable Trust, transfer of contracts and assets from the Society to the Charitable Trust, and resolution of any regulatory requirements related to financial reporting for the Society.

David Marshall
Chair, Katikati Community Centre Executive Board
Katikati Community and Resource Centre Inc Society


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